There’s Always Hope in Uptown



Like Uptown streets on a thrusday night

Lost souls walking around in circles

Waiting for thier ticket to come in

Methadone Junkies scrounging for some doughnuts

Cops rousing some poor kids on thier cars

all to common on the streets of Uptown

A tall neo classical twennties high rise office building

With a classic bank in it

Shot a couple of seconds of Public Enemies in it

the shuttered 100 bed Shelter that was to give way to condos

8 years ago

Still are the habitatly challenged denzins of the street

the suicide room SROS still

havent figured where to move them to

Public Housing residents no problem

SRO hotels Where are you going to put them?

Have figured away to scrape that residual element of humanity from Uptown

theres always hope in Uptown

Be it the Needle exchange people with thier clean needles

Or in the family that continues to live in the neighborhood

there always Hope in Uptown