Magdelana Mi Amor

When I first saw her picture I was struck.
Her eyes Hazel Lazer beams
I went back over her site entry
Read her story
I was smitten
I didn’t think I had a shot with her
Having said that, you got to go for it
So I looked at other pages
There were some pretty ones
When I wound up going to the websites office
They told me I could meet her
I was really nervous
Like it was the first time
When I saw her I just saw alot of energy
it was hard to follow the leash
When I sat down on the bench she acted like I wasn’t there
She was on the sniff
Must have been sent overload
She was the one
I went home thought about it overnight
Went the next day a winter grey saturday morning
She threw up in the car
Which is how she rolls
Never has she not thrown up
I brought her home