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Asshole as a word sworn in many differant languages at the same time sounds amazing


The boy who lost his shoe…





I remember being probably about 10.  That is when I was part of the militia, because when I would say it my mom would get really salty.  Now I recognize as a little PTSD.  Anyways I was always packing, by packing I mean, a sub-machine gun made out of a branch.  I was old school guerilla, because they were kind of cool.  I would run along the train tracks pretending I was going to blow the train for the resistance.   There were paths along the train tracks that were busier than the actual train tracks.  I would always enjoy finding a hobo camp.  Some times we would find needles.  Than they scared the shit out of me.  I would spend days on those tracks, sometimes you would meet people in transit and party with them.  It was always something those tracks.  I remember my first crush and interaction with a female, was this tomboy look blond girl, named Renee.  She looked a little like Jody foster, but more faminine.  She had that 70’s part your hair in the middle feathered look.  Her blond hair was like strands of gold, woven by the finest weaver.    Her face was an explosion in freckles, she had the odd missing tooth.  Her eyes were blue as the lake in summer.   We played show and tell under the platform on the granite rocks.  She was alot of fun.  We broke up when she met a kid whose bike didn’t have a flat.  Haaa haaa.  Its funny, because I remember walking into the basement and seeing her bike, being cannibalized by persons who will remain nameless.  She was a townhouse girl.  I will get into the townhouses at another point.

I can’t remember much about how I wound up with the nike trainers.  I was amazed, not a hand me down or these are school shoes.   A pair of blue body. white emblems these were the coolest!  For once I had the shit, the mick boys wouldn’t mess with me.  I remember running around with them on, and feeling like I could run faster than ever.  It was a hot summer day and we were running to the alley, where a huge tree had crashed i a back yard.  A tree down is a magnet for monkey kids.  In my neighborhood we had our monkey kids.  We climbed roofs, explored shit, always climbing things.  I remember a monkey from another tribe even wound up getting nearly electrocuted  climbing a phone tree.  The guy was seriously damaged.  The bolt shot through his shoulder, leaving a huge exit wound.  This day though, I remember walking down the middle of the tree, than I slipped, I went to catch myself by landing on my ass.   Landed find, but my foot got stuck.  I remember panicking, snot nose crying even.  I remember getting pulled out by somebody, when that happened, my foot came out and my shoe didn’t.  Oh shit, now my Ma would be mad.  Again with the snot nose crying ( my only shot ).  My brothers didn’t console me like they knew I would need if I was going to get a wuppin.  They were just quite, like a team walking off the court.  I don’t remember getting much of a beating for that, I remember the sentiment was more like, that why we can’t have nice things.