So with the unfortunate passing of Chris Cornell I am forced to again relive the incredibly horrible music he created.  He was part of “The Grunge Wave”, which brought us Nirvana, which was a band which I felt at the time was strong and attempted to break new ground while respecting their many influences.   The rest of the bands were truly horrible.  But for me by far the worst was Soundgarden.  Part of the problem with the “Grunge”,  movement was it was sustained effort  by the music industry to pass weak pop metal, with its horrible cheese ball vocals as something alternative.

Black Hole Sun dominated the airwaves during the period that I was in the Army stationed in Georgia.  I could not understand why that song got so much airplay.  It was so cornball.  It got to the point where if I heard the song starting I would shut my car radio off, and I would drive in silence for great periods of time.  For me the “Alternative” label made me angry, it was a way to exploit true underground music by passing pop crap off as being edgy.

So now I understand many people feel differently than me, I am ok with that.  I also respect that they feel a loss.  So with his passing I am forced to relive this horrible period in music.  Hopefully another washed up singer can pass so we all can move on.61ff0e1606d9ca878463fe56f56f6065



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