RCMP apologizes for Godfather-themed code name used for anti-Mafia raids after Italian group complains

National Post | News

The RCMP are apologizing for the code name used to describe its latest anti-Mafia bust in Quebec.

The force’s commanding officer in the province has written a letter to the National Congress of Italian Canadians Quebec chapter, apologizing for calling the sweep “Project Clemenza.”

The Italian group’s Quebec chapter complained in writing more than a week ago after receiving what it says was numerous complaints from the community about negative stereotyping of the Italian community by the police.

Police described the alleged criminal organizations in a release as being linked to Italian-based organized crime in Montreal.

The project code name refers to Peter Clemenza, a fictional character from the novel and movie “The Godfather,” which is the sweeping saga of an Italian crime family.

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The RCMP has not made the apology public, but confirmed the existence of the letter. The community organization has released a copy.

In it…

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