Parole of convicted mob killer notorious for his explosive temper tested by road raging motorist

National Post | News

One danger of road rage is never knowing who is driving the car that is the target of your fury. This was highlighted when a man confronted a driver after a traffic incident and behind the wheel was a serial-killing Mafia hit man notorious for his explosive temper and propensity for violence.

Kenneth Murdock is on parole in Canada for three murders, gunshot slayings done at the behest of Mafia figures in Hamilton, Ont. His lengthy criminal history also includes extortion, assault causing bodily harm, armed robbery, weapons offenses, possession of narcotics and others. He once shot a robbery victim in the leg. While in prison, he routinely fought other inmates and always seemed to win.

But Murdock, 50, has been doing well while out on parole. He is holding down a job. He has respected the rules at his halfway house and attended monthly counseling sessions, his parole records…

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