Park Bench


Slumping on the bench


head begining to explode

liquid dripping from one nostril

waves of nausea


cant move my head




don’t bother


Shinsengumi In Kyoto Part One: The Lair Of The Mibu Wolves

Diverse Japan

Shinsengumi: Japan’s “Special military police force” during the Bakumatsu years!

Shinsengumi in KyotoIn 1853 Commodore Perry’s Black Ships arrived in Yokohama Bay triggering a series of momentous events that between 1853 and 1867 shook the very foundations of Japanese society, ending Japan’s enforced isolation under the

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What can $200,000 buy you? A high-ranking Aichi Prefectural police officer, apparently…



What would you buy with $200,000? A new car? A house? Maybe take a long vacation in Europe?

How about a high-ranking police officer?

While this may not be a sound investment for the average person, that was allegedly the going rate for the highest-ranking officers the Yamaguchi-gumi, a yakuza group, “bought” in Aichi Prefecture.

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The Six Samurai

Play-things of the Gods

I indulged myself and ordered Perry’s Samurai in every day clothing and decided to paint it up over the weekend, while watching the Cricket.

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend’s work and I’m pretty pleased with how they’ve turned out. Colour schemes were kept fairly muted, rather than the bright displays I’ve seen others go for. Mainly a personal choice, but I did read one or two accounts of Samurai preferring browns and shades of grey, however, that was just internet text, so I don’t put too much faith it its accuracy.


Anyway, I also decided to paint them all as the belonging to the same clan (Hōjō in this case) so that I can perhaps use them in a game or two of Ronin, which is the other game I am eagerly awaiting the release of later this month.


Houjou samurai

I’ve also decided to scratch build a few very

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There’s Always Hope in Uptown



Like Uptown streets on a thrusday night

Lost souls walking around in circles

Waiting for thier ticket to come in

Methadone Junkies scrounging for some doughnuts

Cops rousing some poor kids on thier cars

all to common on the streets of Uptown

A tall neo classical twennties high rise office building

With a classic bank in it

Shot a couple of seconds of Public Enemies in it

the shuttered 100 bed Shelter that was to give way to condos

8 years ago

Still are the habitatly challenged denzins of the street

the suicide room SROS still

havent figured where to move them to

Public Housing residents no problem

SRO hotels Where are you going to put them?

Have figured away to scrape that residual element of humanity from Uptown

theres always hope in Uptown

Be it the Needle exchange people with thier clean needles

Or in the family that continues to live in the neighborhood

there always Hope in Uptown

Magdelana Mi Amor

When I first saw her picture I was struck.
Her eyes Hazel Lazer beams
I went back over her site entry
Read her story
I was smitten
I didn’t think I had a shot with her
Having said that, you got to go for it
So I looked at other pages
There were some pretty ones
When I wound up going to the websites office
They told me I could meet her
I was really nervous
Like it was the first time
When I saw her I just saw alot of energy
it was hard to follow the leash
When I sat down on the bench she acted like I wasn’t there
She was on the sniff
Must have been sent overload
She was the one
I went home thought about it overnight
Went the next day a winter grey saturday morning
She threw up in the car
Which is how she rolls
Never has she not thrown up
I brought her home

Hell City Unleashes its Wrath Next Weekend

The Hell City Tattoo Festival will be taking place in Columbus, OH next weekend April 19th-21st. Along with an always stellar list of artists, there are also events, seminars, competitions, and after parties.

One of the highlights this year will be the official release of the Hell City documentary film. Filmed for over 7 years at the Hell City Tattoo Festival, the film tells the story of the festival along with the stories of collectors and tattoo artists.

Check out the preview here and then if you are at Hell City next weekend be sure to check out the official premier on Friday with additional showings through the weekend.

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The Biggest Rat: Whitey Bulger’s Decades of Deceit – Part 2 – Whitey’s Formative Years

Joe Bruno on the Mob

Big RatJames Cagney - you dirty rat


James Joseph Bulger Jr. was born on Sept. 3, 1929 in the town of Everett, Mass., an industrial hamlet just north of Boston. Before Bulger was born, his father, James Sr., had lost his left arm at the elbow after getting it caught between two freight cars while working in the local rail yards. Bulger Sr., who had had an unsuccessful marriage while he was in this twenties, became smitten with Jean McCarthy, who was 22 years his junior. They married and had a daughter, also named Jean, the year before the junior Bulger was born. James Jr. had piercing blue eyes and a light complexion, as well as straw colored hair. Because of his striking looks, his childhood friends called him “Whitey”: a nickname Bulger never took a shine to. Whitey preferred to be called “Jimmy.”

When he was six years old, the Bulger family moved from…

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