Eat Here! Yakuza

Three Dogs and a Moose

Japanese Taste, Portland Style

During the mid-Edo Period of Japanese feudalism the Yakuza caste was made up of misfits and undesirables easily identified by their elaborate tattoos and non-conformist hairdos. The Yakuza formed extended “families” and lived off the feudal grid in their own secluded villages and neighborhoods. Our restaurant name pays homage to these original black sheep of a highly structured society. We like to think they’d feel right at home in Portland, amongst our own merry bands of beautiful outcasts.


Can a restaurant be Umami? I think that conceptually Yakuza is pure umami. It’s a magic place where you can eat and drink spectacular things.

Did that just make me sound really, super annoying, like some foodie you see on the Food Network that you wish would  just shut up about the umami, the coulis and the ragout? I couldn’t help myself. Yakuza is kind of that kind…

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