The Biggest Rat – Whitey Bulger’s Decades of Deceit – Part 4 – Whitey at Alcatraz

Joe Bruno on the Mob

Big RatJames Cagney - you dirty rat

When Whitey Bulger arrived at Alcatraz Prison in late 1959, escape was the last thing on his mind. In Alcatraz, unlike in Atlanta, every convict had his own five-foot by nine-foot cell. And inmates were mandated to do a full day’s work from Monday to Friday, with weekends off; unless they had been dispatched to the hole (solitary) for a disciplinary infraction. The trick for Whitey was to weasel his way into a plum assignment, where the work wasn’t too hard and the environment as enjoyable as possible .

            The prison guard who passed out the job assignments was a crabby old soul with hands the size of meat hooks. His name was Maurice Ordway, and he was an institution at Alcatraz; having been a “screw” there longer than any other guard. Ordway’s nickname was “Double Tough,” because he constantly told inmates who had an attitude, “You…

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