Maine Cops Hunt Huffing & Puffing Pack of Super Wolves; Little Red Riding Hood to Consult

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

wolves huntResidents of Bangor and Brewer now know what it feels like to be a scared little piggy after a pack of genetically altered Super Wolves escaped from a holding pen in the North Woods and paid the area a visit last night.  What frightened citizens thought were wind gusts in excess of 45mph were actually the collected breaths of the pack as they huffed and buffed and tried to blow houses down.

This Modern Philosopher can offer a first hand account of what happened.  I was up in bed and swore I thought the house was going to blow over.  Every window in The House on the Hill rattled furiously.  The trees in the side yard pounded against the walls, and I was worried that a branch was going to smash one of the windows.   I texted The Girl Who Can Always Soothe My Nerves, and told her I was…

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