The Six Samurai

Play-things of the Gods

I indulged myself and ordered Perry’s Samurai in every day clothing and decided to paint it up over the weekend, while watching the Cricket.

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend’s work and I’m pretty pleased with how they’ve turned out. Colour schemes were kept fairly muted, rather than the bright displays I’ve seen others go for. Mainly a personal choice, but I did read one or two accounts of Samurai preferring browns and shades of grey, however, that was just internet text, so I don’t put too much faith it its accuracy.


Anyway, I also decided to paint them all as the belonging to the same clan (Hōjō in this case) so that I can perhaps use them in a game or two of Ronin, which is the other game I am eagerly awaiting the release of later this month.


Houjou samurai

I’ve also decided to scratch build a few very

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