Tebori: Awesomeness in Ink



Lately all I seem to be thinking about are Japanese traditional tattoos. Now, as someone who’s body is currently naked of all things ink, this might seem a little odd. However, like most people, I have always been fascinated by things I wouldn’t do, and getting a full body tattoo rests high on that list. Besides, who can deny the allure of a beautiful (or maybe not so beautiful) man in a suit, impeccably tailored, perfectly fit, and underneath, unseen by all, lurks a gorgeous tattoo of a samurai warrior in a deathly struggle against, well, evil of course.

When I had to choose an art form to research for my introduction to anthropological research methods course (don’t ask me why I have to take general education classes in a MFA program, it’s a rant for another time), I immediately thought of tebori (hand-poked tattoos, the traditional Japanese technique). It…

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