Good Bye Good Bye

So I knew I knew I didn’t know her in the short time we danced. I liked your moves from accoss the dance tent. You caught my eye and I pulled the brim of my fedora down and I went to you. The moments our eyes met, we both had that deep smile that you get when you can be content. The chemical reaction was one in which you were alert but relaxed. The Dj was jamming that house that you weren’t exactly what era it was from, jamming though, people losing it all around us. The lights from the stage dancing in your light eyes. You were doing that I think it was a hot variation of the jerk I think. She would smile when she danced her eyes Wide with joy. i was doing my dance which had been vastly improved over my intense Techno bootcamp. We danced and it happened than of all things but the fireworks start going off. I couldn’t believe it, at that point I recall myself laughing my ass off. We kept dancing till your freinds came stumbling by and you were obligated to go with them. As you left I watched you till you disappeared into the crowd, and my friends came up. How or what could I say. Nothing. Was what I said, but my smile, which said it all.


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