I Walk Away

You know people always ask me about my stories, why I have so many stories. Well its simple, I walk away.

When things are no longer cool I walk away. I have done it my whole life.

I lived and left more lives than people wish they could live.

I don’t know if its that one drop of Gypsy Irish blood I have in me, or the mad Chilean who traveled the world. I had the

antsy, less so than either my Costa Rican or Swiss brother. But I have to move.

If you don’t show me respect I’m out. I don’t do one way relationships.

I take but I give as well.

I am at that spot again, its getting Witness Protection mode again. Its almost time for me to go underground again.

In highschool peeople assumed I was locked up. When in my late teens I disappeared they assumed I was dead. That makes me


Women, I don’t have to waste your time or mine. If you want a laydown man it ain’t me babe.

Nope that won’t happen to me. If I do it is because I chose to do it. One of the jobs I left told me they could ship me

anywhere in the state, I had no say. I said not no, but hell no. I had been in the Army and they told me where to go

when to be.

Nobody will tell me nor will it matter, I walk away.


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