Mini-Reviews: Drug War, The Way Way Back, 20 Feet From Stardom

The Password is Swordfish

Drug War:

Here’s an action film with something to say. It’s not interested in the glorification of violence, but in violence’s consequences. It’s not interested in flippantly racking up a body count, but in what a body count may mean. Drug War, Johnnie To’s newest thriller, is a gorgeous and tense piece of social commentary, giving action aficionados what they want while refusing to back away from the ethical dilemmas and the complications inherent within the war on drugs. In China, producing a bit of meth results in a death sentence, so when Timmy (Louis Koo) is captured, he makes a deal with the police captain (Honglei Sun)– according to him, he’s no more than a small fish, and he can bring the captain to the bigger game he wants. The basic conflict is simple: in order to apprehend these villains, a police department must walk the thinnest of tight…

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