Home Schooled Student Now Homeless After Being Expelled

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

sad girlMelanie Weston, 14, had dreams of being named Valedictorian and giving a speech at graduation.  Now she just wonders where she’s going to sleep tonight.

It’s a story that crushes the heart of this Modern Philosopher…home schooling gone horribly wrong.

“I couldn’t wait until September so I could finally go to high school and be around other kids,” Mel explained to this Modern Philosopher as we sat in the office of Cy Brown, the famed Bangor attorney who has taken on her case.  “My Mom can be so strict, so controlling, and so…”

She trailed off and broke down in tears before she could finish her thoughts.  Cy offered her his handkerchief and took over the telling of this woeful tale.

angry teacher“There are so many legal issues with this expulsion that I don’t even know where to begin,” Cy told me in a sad, low voice so as not to…

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