Eat Here! Yakuza

Three Dogs and a Moose

Japanese Taste, Portland Style

During the mid-Edo Period of Japanese feudalism the Yakuza caste was made up of misfits and undesirables easily identified by their elaborate tattoos and non-conformist hairdos. The Yakuza formed extended “families” and lived off the feudal grid in their own secluded villages and neighborhoods. Our restaurant name pays homage to these original black sheep of a highly structured society. We like to think they’d feel right at home in Portland, amongst our own merry bands of beautiful outcasts.


Can a restaurant be Umami? I think that conceptually Yakuza is pure umami. It’s a magic place where you can eat and drink spectacular things.

Did that just make me sound really, super annoying, like some foodie you see on the Food Network that you wish would  just shut up about the umami, the coulis and the ragout? I couldn’t help myself. Yakuza is kind of that kind…

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Woman takes on Yakuza godfather over protection racket

This is another article about the woman who is sueing the head of the Yamaguchi-gumi

Engineering Evil

Restaurant owner in Nagoya is seeking £120,000 from crime boss in landmark case


Kenichi Shinoda
Kenichi Shinoda, the boss of the Yamaguchi-gumi, photographed as he left jail in 2011.  Photograph: Getty Images



The Yamaguchi-gumi has spent almost a century building itself up into arguably the most powerful and largest organised criminal gang in the world.

Its membership of nearly 30,000 comprises almost half of the yakuza crime syndicate in the Japanese underworld, earning billions of yen through drug trafficking, money laundering, fraud and extortion. But they may have met their match in the shape of a female restaurateur who has launched a lawsuit against the gang in what lawyers are calling a landmark case.

The woman, from Nagoya, reportedly under 24-hour police guard, is suing Kenichi Shinoda, the sixth Yamaguchi-gumi kumicho, or godfather, who she says…

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Where The Birds Lived

Great writing


Jim sat at his kitchen table. The laminated fake pine sucking the heat out of his cup of tea. He could hear the first bird of the day tweeting in the tree outside, he didn’t know what kind of bird it was, or tree. The early bird catches the worm, he said in his mind. There was no point in speaking out loud.

He stared out of the window. The sky was empty; streaks of cloud lit by the distant sun floated like a pink undercurrent on a dark lake. The streetlights were still on, the orange glow rising in the distance like a false dawn. His eyesight wasn’t good enough to see the individual street lights far off in the distance anymore. He remembered looking at the patterns of the street lights. If any blinked he wondering what the name of the street was that had the faulty light…

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End of Love

End of smiles

trust left along time ago

always a fight

Never surrender

tears appear

broken bottles

baby constantly crying

officers arrive

separated by 4 officers

no going back

She says you were always enough

unable to surrender

Yelling does not help

She is gone

can’t stop

no mercy

no compassion

she leaves and you are alone







The Biggest Rat – Whitey Bulger’s Decades of Deceit – Part 4 – Whitey at Alcatraz

Joe Bruno on the Mob

Big RatJames Cagney - you dirty rat

When Whitey Bulger arrived at Alcatraz Prison in late 1959, escape was the last thing on his mind. In Alcatraz, unlike in Atlanta, every convict had his own five-foot by nine-foot cell. And inmates were mandated to do a full day’s work from Monday to Friday, with weekends off; unless they had been dispatched to the hole (solitary) for a disciplinary infraction. The trick for Whitey was to weasel his way into a plum assignment, where the work wasn’t too hard and the environment as enjoyable as possible .

            The prison guard who passed out the job assignments was a crabby old soul with hands the size of meat hooks. His name was Maurice Ordway, and he was an institution at Alcatraz; having been a “screw” there longer than any other guard. Ordway’s nickname was “Double Tough,” because he constantly told inmates who had an attitude, “You…

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Maine Cops Hunt Huffing & Puffing Pack of Super Wolves; Little Red Riding Hood to Consult

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

wolves huntResidents of Bangor and Brewer now know what it feels like to be a scared little piggy after a pack of genetically altered Super Wolves escaped from a holding pen in the North Woods and paid the area a visit last night.  What frightened citizens thought were wind gusts in excess of 45mph were actually the collected breaths of the pack as they huffed and buffed and tried to blow houses down.

This Modern Philosopher can offer a first hand account of what happened.  I was up in bed and swore I thought the house was going to blow over.  Every window in The House on the Hill rattled furiously.  The trees in the side yard pounded against the walls, and I was worried that a branch was going to smash one of the windows.   I texted The Girl Who Can Always Soothe My Nerves, and told her I was…

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Oldboy, New Stills: Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Olsen, Chinese Food Carton

Of monsters and little princesses

FilmDistrict is set to release Spike Lee’s reinterpretation of “Oldboy” on Nov. 27, exclusive new photos from the film, debuting here at HuffPost Entertainment. “Oldboy,” based on the Chan-wook Park 2003 classic, focuses on a man (Josh Brolin) who is imprisoned for 20 years without any knowledge as to why. The pictures show Brolin, both during his imprisonment and immediately after, and co-star Elizabeth Olsen.

josh brolin oldboy1 Josh Brolin & Elizabeth Olsen Highlighted In New Images From Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’

oldboy elizabeth olsen1 Josh Brolin & Elizabeth Olsen Highlighted In New Images From Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’

oldboy remake josh brolin Josh Brolin & Elizabeth Olsen Highlighted In New Images From Spike Lee’s ‘Oldboy’


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