The Tiger and The Butterfly

The old tiger sat on his rock like any other day
Today was differant
The Old Tiger saw the most beautiful butterfly
A Butterfly with emerald green and Bright Red and gold wings
The tiger was at first was mesmorized as it floated by
He had never seen anything so beautiful
His heart raced
His whiskers tingled
He had to have it
He got up from his perch
and he lept to where he had last seen it
The butterfly was wise
The Butterfly was not going to let an old tiger catch it
It flew on to a branch
The tiger lost track of the butterfly
The tiger was now panicked
He had to have the butterfly
He couldn’t smell it
Couldn’t see it
The Butterfly looked down at the tiger
Not with contempt but pity
Poor Tiger the Butterfly thought
The butterfly knew that Tigers belonged with Tigers
The butterfly saw the old tiger and saw
what he must have been
A fierce strong beast
Those days had passed
The Tiger never saw the butterfly again
But till the end of its days the Tiger cherished its memory of the most beautiful butterfly it had ever seen


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