My last dance of the night is always reserved for the one I love

No matter the season, summer, deep winter, or spring. No matter how I’m feeling sick, high, or drunk.

The one thing more than anything that has defined our relationship. The dance between a man and his dog. You see

my dog Maggie has to have one last dance every night. She is mix hound, beagle, australian…, and she loves to

run. She will look at me accross the yard, those big hazel eyes. A big fuck you. She looks at me, and she takes

off, like a hell bent Kamikaze pilot. She runs full speed in tight circles when she wants to mess with you. She

runs at one point she will juke you, and run in the other direction. Its all she wants to do. I have developed

paitentce and affection for these moments. but in mid winter I would have not expressed my feelings in such a

manner. I would have sworn 23 times in row. You see I got her around new years, which meant yard training in


cold. She does it most nights, when she doesn’t she does this thing where she half steps a run, and she says fuck it, and she comes up to me.


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