Here’s To The Dads!

I have to start any conversation about parenting by saluting the importance of motherhood.   Without mothers fathers wouldnt be able to father.  Motherhood is a tremedously difficult but rewarding job.  Mothers can never get enough respect. 

Having said that I want to talk today about fatherhood.   I can, being a father now for 22 years has given me license to talk about it.   And I want to talk about being a Father as opposed to a sperm donor.   A Father stands up.  Everyman is immature , crazy, and wild before they are Fathers.   Most of us are able to modify our lifestyle for the honor of being a parent.  Some men don’t make a change.   Thier choice.  I had to.   It wasn’t always easy, and I know I messed up a ton.   My son is great evidence that despite sub par Fathering you can turn out a good man.  I have made mistakes, but one thing that never faultered or changed is my love for him.   When I saw his face, it was my first glance into love.  The love that never dies.  He was a monster child.  He came in at 9.3 pounds.  He is to this day a monster.  Haaa haaa  I can look at so many examples of fathers who I respect for putting the work in.   I can look at my Dad who always worked to provide a home for us.  I fortunate to have an oppurtunity to be friends with two dads who have little girls my duaghters age.  Its probably the only fraternity I would be proud of being a part of.  I have seen all three girls personalities continue to grow.  Quite a privaledge.  I also look to my brother who lives in Switzerland with his girl and thier two kids.   You I used to have to recruit from the Child Support Court.  I would have to hire these cats who weren’t paying thier share.  I would talk to them to try to figure out with them what the issue was.   Never did I hear a reason that I thought they shouldn’t take care of thier kids.   Never and at one point I probably talked to a good 60 guys with this issue.   All dads are imperfect, as they are human.   Some people have bigger chalenges on thier journeys.   But how they over come the challenges.  Some dad;s who have issues have a chance to try to resolve some outstanding issues, others don’t.    Fatherhood is a priviledge.   Fatherhood is an ongoing transformative proccess.   Here to the Fathers!


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