When Your Struck Your Struck

The times I have been struck I can count on one h.and.   Everytime be it for 3 days or a lifetime, being struck was significant.  The times were like being on the highest high, on a golden pillow, the sun shining through the lace ornate embroidered curtain blowing in the wind.  Looking in her eyes everytime meant I had found the missing piece.   That part of me I chased in a bottle or an ink needle.   The   smiles  the         knowing        looks that      we      knew     eachother            before      in   previous life.                 I heard that  theory  before that                     I               am                      less               spiritual                  I believe its                that                                           chemical thing,     When                you               talk                          to                       her       your  pulse races   your heart skips                        The          you                              have           is deeper         than              you                ever smile              You               develop                              a                                  radar                                     for                                  that                     person                      in                                                       crowd                             you         find              her                                  the                               smile               you   have                                is      the smile in your  cheeks   eyes       and               face.          Your                               best                         friend.    The                  one                     that        gets               you             with a               stupid                      joke about a goat and a farmer        when do you say the words  when do you do it.                    When                       they                 leave             you                       spend                       a                                        day                                                          recovering                                          getting             back to real life.    When they leave you try to foget them.    Some times you can.


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