you  Wake in cloud to the noise around you.  you hear the what may be crying your not sure.  the light is so BRIGHT.  your arms are strapped down.  you try and kick your leg its secure as well.   you panic for a second you can’t remember why you are there.   your cheek has a river of saliva which has flowed down your chin and neck onto your chest.   the Panic you feel is of being stuck.   you mind races through what could have brought you there, but you notice you mind is slower than it normally is.  you lay your head back.  you start Screaming, as loud as you can, as if the louder you yell the higher your chance of getting free.   you yell till your throat is burning, you stop, nobody is coming.  You feel a deflation.  you panic again and try to get out of the restraints, you lift your back of the bed, you twist, the leather digs into your wrists.   Not deep, but you recognize that you are pinched in the by the non padded spot in the bracelet.   your body is coverned in sweat at that point, you have the chlils now. your completely exhausted, you close your eyes   


                                                           you wake up to the blue birds circling around your head, cartoon birds Hanna Barabara variety       


                               you wake up again , recognizing that the only way out wil be to play the game.   the game your playing is being compliant  you know that in the end


                                        nothing is going to change you’ll be back with the blue birds again.                                                                                                                                                                            


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