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If you made a movie about your life and you had to fit everything you wanted to say in two hours or less, what would it be like? Would you make it symbolic or a literal recounting of your life? Takeshi Kitano undertakes such a feat in the Takeshis’ and illustrates his two warring sides by having two different Takeshis’ in the movie. One is the successful director/actor who is adored by all, and another is a struggling actor who is eking by, fantasizing about being a gangster and doing whatever he wants.


The film, loosely inspired by Fellini’s 8 ½, is rife with strange imagery and moments that seem more like an Alice in Wonderland on hyperdrive than the typical Takeshi film. There are still the unnervingly flat (and tranquil) moments with still camera angles punctuated by brutal bursts of action. I spent much of the film waiting for…

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