Shallow waters of my mind

Growing Space

Shallow waters of my mind

Candy coated blade edges, sweet yet with the ability to destroy,
it’s this ability that makes the blade much more than just a blade.
Each movement calculated and executed with pin point accuracy.

A sharp controlled blade will always cut clean.
Methodical strokes bring forth beautiful destruction.
Only a well trained mind can pierce as effectively as such a blade.

Alcohol removes you; Mother Nature cheers you up and they cheer you on.
All mind numbing experiences leading towards a greater understanding
of your own soul.

Where I chose to make my home, is where my home will be.
That is where I’m content, NOT happy, but content.
Stuck between now and yesterdays madness.
I’ll be the JOKER full of smiles, hiding behind a confused chaotic world.

Masked mayhem you say?

I laugh, they giggle, as we all look around with sensitive eyes.
Eyes so well tweaked that they see…

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