My Friend

    I met her whie I was shadowing my old team leader.  She gave me a background that she was one of the harder cases we have because she is opiate dependant and chronically homeless.  I was intrigued, I had experiance in the Methadone Clinic   When we came by she was home.  We came in and I followed the leader and I sat indian style on her floor.  which was fine.  She was a warm warm person.  She had a spark in her eyes.  I got a huge smile when I saw her.  We started bullshiting that first time I saw her.  I wanted to learn everything about her.  She was Chicago.  She was the neighborhoods abandoned by the city. The lack of real Harm Reduction evidenced based treatmernt of our cities sick and disabled.  She only yelled at me once and that was because I was encouraging her to go to the ER.  She went to see her Psychiatrist who was seeing what we had been seeing  She was sick.  She left the office.  I went by her house after being instructed to check in on her.  Her doctor felt she should go to the hospital.  I raced across the city to catch her before or after she dosed.  I got there and she hadn’t I demanded to see the doctor in charge.  I told him what the deal was.  They agreed that they would assess her, and if needed she would go to the hosptial.    I went home and on the drive I had to pull over by where Cabrini Greens used to be.  I cryed.  It had been along day.  That was when her bloating and kidneys started to fail.  She went to the hosptial.  They told her if she can stay clean 6 months they coud get her in the Liver line and a transplant.  She was hopeful and cautious.  She was probably 1 month in.  When I drove her home she said she felt good that there was good things coming.  I remember looking at her as the building flew by Lake Shore drive, at that moment I felt very lucky to be doing this job.  Well she had been found unresponsive with a blood sugar of 20.  This was bad for her.  She was such a fighter, she put up with abusive boyfriends, she would whispter to me that she was getting beat.  I felt a sadness, as that should never happen to anybody or anything.   She told me one time that she felt I would always take care of her.  She never gave me a hard time, we never disagreed about much other than the poison she put in her arms.  I never her told her what to do I would only tell her about the people we have found, from a hot shot.  Thats no fun, opening a hotel room and finding a person who you knew friday.  That happens way to much in this world,  I remember when she was clean for 5 months, she wsa so proud.   I was to.  She did the work.  She wanted it and she got sobriety for 5 months, not till the organ failure take over did she start using again.  She did, and in a tragic  twist, she used which meant her ability to get a liver was gone.  I dont agree with that.  I think a person is a person.  My friend was real, she was full human being.  she lvoed serial novels.   Anything as long as it was a series.  She loved 50 shades of grey.    We would sit and we would cry when we talked about her going or moving on.  She knew, better than us. She knew her time was coming.  I know she loved the people who cared for her, she did wwe weere her famiy.  The family everybody should have, a loving non judgemental family.  She will soon be a star, that when I am hurting or alone I can look and remember how rich the quality of my life has been from those days i spent on her hard wood floor.   You my friend will never be forgotten. 

May you find peace.


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