Publishing art for social resistance – The tradition of Japanese Yakuza Tattooing and the notorious street art of Banksy.


When publishing changes, so does society. Investigate and compare the impact of two publication technologies, one pre-1900 and one post-2000, on a specific aspect of society (e.g. education, politics, creative industries, science, entertainment, social relationships).

The art of making something known has taken on various forms in the publishing industry and in turn, created catalysts for social change and social resistance. Visual art as a means of publication has privileged the power of imagery over printed words and has, in turn, created a gallery of aestheticised information that is capable of challenging the dominant, normative ideologies which are integral to the mainstream publishing industry. The publishing of art as social resistance has a long tradition inherent in the cultures of global minorities, such as the art of traditional Japanese Yakuza tattooing and the street art of the notorious artist Banksy. Both entities take imagery that is created in the mainstream…

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