Conversation with Spartak Fanatic Amir Khuslyutdinov

Devout Fanatic

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Amir Khuslyutdinov, aka “The Professor”, has been involved in Spartak fan support and hooligan culture since 1977, only a few years after the first organized fan movements in the USSR took root. Still active in the Spartak community, Amir’s 35 years of football fanaticism span several generations, from the twilight years of the Soviet Union to economic ruin in the early 90s to the more and more Westernized society of the 21st century.

Khuslyutdinov talked with me about football hooligans’ values, classic confrontations outside the stadium, conflict with the police and the government and his thoughts on where Russian football is headed today.

We spoke following last week’s Spartak – Dynamo Kiev friendly in Moscow. Unfortunately, the conversation was not recorded, so I have reconstructed his words based solely on my notes from the evening. 

When did Spartak fans first organize?

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