The Blue Jean Monster (1991)

Sadako's Movie Shack

blue jean monster poster

Tsu is a Hong Kong cop whose pregnant wife is about to give birth. During a bank robbery by a gang of vicious thieves, he intervenes and is killed in a junkyard by the group after he chases them. His wife’s friend Gucci who was a hostage at the bank grabs the money that the thieves have tried to get and runs away. Tsu is resurrected when a black cat jumps on his body making it glow all red and a lightning bolt also hits his body. The cops recover his prone body as Tsu has passed out and it is sent to the local morgue. It is there he wakes up, finds out that he has already died and he needs an electric current recharge through his body regularly in order to stay alive. Tsu goes back home to his wife and tries to be as normal as he…

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