Nazi-sympathizing, pro-Rape wife-beater Boyd Rice to play 285 Kent in Brooklyn Saturday


TRIGGER WARNING: rape and details of physical abuse.

This Saturday electro-pop group Cold Cave will play at the Todd P-owned DIY venue 285 Kent in Williamsburg. The show quickly sold out, but after tickets went on sale Cold Cave announced their opener would be the pro-fascist musician Boyd Rice.

Along with Death in June and NSBM, Rice owes his recent success not to his artistic merit, but by the shock value employed in his imagery and statements. One essay promotes rape and the violent oppression of women. In a photo shoot he posed with a member of Nazi Skinhead gang American Front, and he dressed in full Nazi-garb to shoot the shit about white supremacy in an interview with American white-Supremacist Tom Metzger. While he claims these were stunts, in straight interviews he continuously voices his sympathy with the right wing.

Rice is not just a scumbag…

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