Dub and Notes

I’m at home on workday, got alot done. Caspa is blasting in my ears. I think about my responses to things alot now adays. I had a run in with some teaparty nutters on the interwebs. I attacked violantly, no mercy full on Tiger. I went for the juggluar. They sputtered, were dazed, and came back with non-sense. Called me Archie Bunker? Was Archie a rabid Socialist? Dumb bunnies. I found out they were out of Idaho. Well that being the home of the Aryan Nations, I made the easy connection. They were salty. haaa haaa Really my response was to a graphic that said liberals are ok with basically porno on tv, but have a problem with prayer? What can that mean? So I went in to a rant about how all these right wing bible thumpers are pro life but cool with guns? Makes sense? Or that they supported the illegal war on Iraq? Hyporcrites one and all…

So its a dark day, much like Liverpool about now. I am thinking about my ex getting remarried in a couple of weeks, my son who I haven’t seen for along time in town. What do I got? I am ultimately happy for her. I don’t miss her as much as I think about what we had back than. I am sure I was undiagnoses severly depressed most of the time. I have to say there were some dark times haaa haaa. Oh well, glad I was married, Wish her the best. Jr not really a Jr. but for the sake of bit he will be Jr. Jr. comes out for the girls birthday. What a trip, he is a huge Hip Hop nutter. I am amazed at how big that kid is. His Moms family had big people in it. I flash back to when he was a kid. I was not very good with him and I don’t know who he thinks I am. I am definately two people, the Caring Social Worker and than theres the angry street kid. Which is me? Or is that they both are me? Where do they meet? And he is alot like me in some ways. I would like to see him ten years down the line. Where is he at? What is he doing? What does he look like? I worry for him, like I always have. I wish only the best for him.

Caspar and DubStep be da shit. I hear dubstep and I hear Punk, when I was hunting it down. It bounces in your soul. I am getting a crash course in Techno from my Techno Godfather. I am listening to the second of a 5 disc primer set I got from the Godfather. I can appreciate dub and I am missing what happened wih it. Is it banned? haa haaaa I like it, and its new, all new. Its not all good, but I do like most of it. I am on board now, first fest of 3 down, next one Soldier Field, big DJ’s, an afterparty with Boize Noize. Ah yeah.. Caspa end of the summer Montrose beach, I am already going all out, leaving nothing on the table. Throw in some random football,


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