Maine Werewolves Excited To Howl At The Supermoon

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

WerewolfThe Supermoon makes its appearance tonight, and no group is more excited about this than the Werewolves of Maine.

For those of you who have been living under a Moon Rock the past few days, the Supermoon occurs when the Moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit.  According to “Moonatics”, a term I made up for this post, the Supermoon can appear to be up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than the Clark Kent Moon (another term I just made up…).

Why does this have Maine’s Werewolves all fired up?  “We believe the proximity, size and brightness of the Supermoon makes our wolf side stronger, faster, and more bad ass,” Patricia Grey, a Maine Werewolf and spokesperson for her pack, explained to this Modern Philosopher.  “We are much closer to the source of our transformation, so it makes us feel more alive when we are running, jumping…

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The Blue Jean Monster (1991)

Sadako's Movie Shack

blue jean monster poster

Tsu is a Hong Kong cop whose pregnant wife is about to give birth. During a bank robbery by a gang of vicious thieves, he intervenes and is killed in a junkyard by the group after he chases them. His wife’s friend Gucci who was a hostage at the bank grabs the money that the thieves have tried to get and runs away. Tsu is resurrected when a black cat jumps on his body making it glow all red and a lightning bolt also hits his body. The cops recover his prone body as Tsu has passed out and it is sent to the local morgue. It is there he wakes up, finds out that he has already died and he needs an electric current recharge through his body regularly in order to stay alive. Tsu goes back home to his wife and tries to be as normal as he…

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Nazi-sympathizing, pro-Rape wife-beater Boyd Rice to play 285 Kent in Brooklyn Saturday


TRIGGER WARNING: rape and details of physical abuse.

This Saturday electro-pop group Cold Cave will play at the Todd P-owned DIY venue 285 Kent in Williamsburg. The show quickly sold out, but after tickets went on sale Cold Cave announced their opener would be the pro-fascist musician Boyd Rice.

Along with Death in June and NSBM, Rice owes his recent success not to his artistic merit, but by the shock value employed in his imagery and statements. One essay promotes rape and the violent oppression of women. In a photo shoot he posed with a member of Nazi Skinhead gang American Front, and he dressed in full Nazi-garb to shoot the shit about white supremacy in an interview with American white-Supremacist Tom Metzger. While he claims these were stunts, in straight interviews he continuously voices his sympathy with the right wing.

Rice is not just a scumbag…

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Old Wobbly Rag

I was home after a incredibly trying week back to work after first vacation in a long time.   I was thinking about what I was going to wear to pride, I was going to wear a Fire jersey or the t-shirt I had on.  The shirt I had on was a relic from my days as a marxist activist, even pre that period.  I was new to activism I was drawn to the wobblies.  I had know all about Joe Hill and his ilk prior to ever meeting a mondern Wobbly, which I call Mobblies.  Not only for the mob referance, but kind of as Modern Wobblie.  I bought it my t-shirt at the time that I was going to get involved.  I remember intially contacting them on the web, which is ironic, but also at a time pre social media.  The t shirt has the classic wobbly globe with the phrase ” An injury to one is An injury to all.”  Than it was black with red writing, now its so grey it is starting to look brown.  The print has faded. Its transports me back to my days as being a married activist.  It was not a joy trying to negoitiate time away from home.  The basic theme of an injury to one is an injury to all, has to be my theme.  It has guided me in all my professional life.  But the Wobblies who I wound up dismissing as the spoiled Black Block of the left.  I have to thank the founders who may not recognize the Mobblies.  The leader who I have loved across the century is Elizabeth Gurley Flynn.   Sje was the original Rebel Girl, she was named that after her youth spent speaking to workers about thier rights.  She presented a galvanizing image.  She was later the subject of a song called Rebel Girl I believe by a Joe Hill, song just that it was in the original Wobbly song book, I think it was called to Fan the Flames of discontent.  When I started reading about her fighting as she got older for workers in many places.  She fought for her space at the table as an equal largely.  I have always had a deep and passionate lover for her.  Is it wierd? Problably, but she was perfect in my mind.  A woman of passion and fire.  I used to dream that she would come and visit me, numerous times.  When I went to see her grave at the Red Cemetary in River Forest my eyes welled up when as I Iaid a rose on her grave.  Is it possible to Love somebody you have never met and will never ever meet, or at least when we meet in the big labor Meeting in the sky.   She was not classically beautiful, but her spirit the one which erradiates through the century to where it hits me.  What would she have been like? Would she sound of the plush green Island home of her family?  What would she have been like? What would Joe HIll, Big Bill, and Gurley would have been like?   Her spirit had connected with me,  I have always loved the Rebel Girl.

Lone Wolf and Cub “Graphic Wednesday”

Caustic Soda

This Graphic Wednesday is brought to you by Father’s Day! (My second favorite day of the year next to Halloween)

ImageToday we’re looking at creator Kazuo Koike and artist, Goseki Kojima’s epic manga, Lone Wolf and Cub. Volume 1 of the (Darkhorse) Omnibus encompasses nearly 700 pages of the story of a kill-for-hire Ronin, Ogami Ittō, a former disgraced shogunate executioner and his three-year-old son Daigorō on a path of meifumadō “road to hell,” a cursed journey of vengeance to clear his name and destroy the Yagyu clan. The exquisitely detailed panels and writing vibrate with energy as the assassin and his progeny journey through feudal Japan.

The manga was adapted into six films starring Tomisaburo Wakayama.

Check out the Baby Cart to Hades kill count from the third film installment. Dig that funky 70’s grindhouse soundtrack!

Wakayama also had a memorable part as Sugai, the antagonist/anti-hero in Ridley…

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Gate of Hell



The narrative of a once lost film now found and properly restored has always got me to watch the film. Every single time. Gate of Hell was one of those films where I heard about the restoration process before I even knew the plot. One of the first all color Japanese film, the color process over time faded into nothing, leaving the film a pale comparison of its former glory. The people who restored this film did it perfectly. You can see how the director took complete advantage of the color palate, making the women and men’s traditional garb stand out among the traditional Japanese houses. Each color pops and gives off a lasting presence that stays with you. For instance towards the climax of the film, the moon reaches its apex in the sky. The royal blue of the sky accentuated by the golden orb glowing in the middle…

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