Outrage Beyond (2012)

Sadako's Movie Shack


The story is set a couple of years after the events of Outrage. Otomo is in prison for his actions and his enemy Kato sits nicely on top of the Sanno yakuza empire after betraying his former boss.  Helping Kato out as his no.2 is Ishihara, a traitor who betrayed Otomo. Dissension starts to occur within the Sanno family with some members unhappy that Ishihara is leading them on a path that they aren’t familiar with (politics) and all the while pushing the old guard out of the picture. Into the mix comes a police inspector Kataoka who hears of the troubles inside Sanno and due to the non-cooperation from Kato he plans to destroy them. His first action is to release Otomo early from his prison sentence to stir things up as he has a score to settle with Kato and  Ishihara and then have him form an alliance…

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