Multiculuralism Gone Wrong

So I had to have the conversation with my ten year old daughter, I was hoping I never would have to, but it can’t be avoided.  My daughter is reading a young adult book about two sisters who one is a vampire and the other one isn’t.   The fact that she is reading that and  the Twillight series in the movies I felt like I had to break it down for her.  See I regularly am a very open and accepting person of differant races and cultures, but I feel I have to draw the line on this one.  

It all starts with what a vampire is.  A vampire is the undead, a soulless blood sucking parasite meant to prey on Humans.   I have done much research on this topic.  I have read many accounts of the Vampyr, to include the OV, the original vampire  Dracula.  In that account he was pure evil.  And now they have these nonsensical teen age novels.  Like Breaking Dawn where the main character actually becomes a vampire?  Really honey if you love me, I have to turn you in the undead.  You will walk the earth, preying on humans honey?  WTF?  Oh I can imagine my daughter coming home, “Hey dad, I met a boy, he’s undead, and we want to be undead together, he wants to come talk to you, cept it has to be at night.”  “Yeah, Ok, your grounded, and you have to wear garlic to school everyday!” ” But dad!” What nonsens.  

I explained to my daughter that Nosferatu is not cool.  I told her I would accept her bringing anybody home she loved, I would learn to accept them, I would have to because I love her.   But I can’t accept blood Suckers.   A father has to put his foot down…


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