I was just sitting slumped over in my car, my head resting on the steering while of my car.  Was I dreaming, I was wet, and there seemed to be water dripping from my head.   My head hurt, in a strange way, I felt numb but there was a pain I was feeling.  It wasn’t the only place that hurt, I felt a sharpness in my side.  I want to sleep, I’m so tired.  What happened I’m not sure.  Think, Think, what happened.  I can’t seem to focus.  The water keeps leaking from the top of my head, and I can feel it roll down the back of my ear.  It was dark.  What is that smell? Oh that hurts, I try to take a breath, again the sharpness in my side.  I have to lift my head, I can’t It seems so heavy.  My eye is open, I can see sort of.  Everything is blurry.  I see a shape to sitting next to me.  There is something wrong with it though.  Its missing something.  I want to sleep, I’m so tired.   My Jaw is begining to throbb.  I don’t know how much more I can do.  I’m so tired.  Is it getting darker.  Mother.  I’m starting to see a light coming towards me.  Is it a flashlight.  The light is warming me.  I close my eye.  I’m starting to hear people talk, there asking me questions.  I think.  I want to tell them, I’m going to be ok.  I can’t seem to move my jaw, or my lips.  I can’t do this.  I’m tired. I’m going to sleep now.


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