What I Hate..

I hate kids getting shot down in the street over nickles and dimes.  I hate racism, and any ism which is meant to crush and suppress people.  I hate religions that are used as an exscuse to kill and maim people. I hate imperial wars that have kids killing kids for the 1%.  I hate that somebody can work thier whole life and contribute to a pension fund, and the boss or state doesnt contribute thier share and now that person doesnt have pension.  I hate that so many people are in prison for doing so little.  I hate that we have a successful prision system which puts minorities and specifically African Americans in prison at such a disproportionate number.  I hate that we invest so little in educaton for the poor.  I hate that vegetables are so much more expensive than a happy meal.  I hate there are only two political parties in this country both that represent the 1% exclusively.  I hate that social workers are paid so little.  I hate the fact that everyday in Chicago there is a police related shooting yet, there is never a report of bad shooting, cops are perfect…..


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