The Return of the Yakuza

Hello kids I’m back from my Hiatus I had to let some thoughts percolate.  What have I been upto you ask? I have my fullback piece nearly completed, I have one more sitting, I am going to be posting images shortly.   Alot of pain, I am sure any yakuza would be proud to style it.   I’m super proud of it…. Another Chicago Fire season ended with a wimper, ugh.  I’ll write some more about it,  we had a battle with some nazi hooligans, which we resolved in true style…. I also continue as working as an advocate for the voiceless, I plan to write some about that, great expericances…And I will continue to share some pages I like that cover Yakuza, pop kulture and humor ofcourse.  So hold on its  gonna be a great ride…


One thought on “The Return of the Yakuza

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