Bullet Ballet (1998)

Sadako's Movie Shack

TV commercial direction Goda arrives home from work one night to find the police and ambulance personnel outside his apartment. He discovers that his partner Kiriko has committed suicide with a bullet to her head. She was looking after a gun for a friend. Finding it difficult to cope with her death, Goda becomes obsessed with buying a Chief’s Special gun – the same one that Kiriko used to kill herself. He scours the streets of Tokyo asking some dodgy people if they can sell a gun to him. Down an alley he bumps into Chisato, a gang member who he rescued when she tried to fall into the path of an oncoming subway train. Trying to talk some sense to her, he is beaten up and robbed by Chisato’s punk friends. Determined even more now to get a gun to extract revenge on the punks, Goda’s obsession spirals out…

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