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So Day 2 Black Hat Keynote Interview with Neal Stephenson was one of the main reasons I wanted to go this year (besides being there with T to see more of his crazy world!) I’ve been trying to fly through Snow Crash in last minute preparation for this.

I may have mentioned I started off last year reading Cryptonomicon where I realized here is a guy who 1) is very intelligent, enjoys knowledge and comprehending complicated processes; 2) writes a compelling and interesting narrative in itself; 3) positively revels in language and writes with a sort of glee for a well-crafted sentence and clever conveyance of wit. My appreciation for his style grew as I went on to read Anathem, and then more recently with his last book Reamde.

I’m picking up Snow Crash now because T is often referencing the book and I’m embarrassed to not get the references…

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The Olympics are in full swing with athletes from all over the World competing for medals. A lot of skin shows during these games and lucky for us The Baltimore Sun put together a gallery featuring 40 different athletes sporting tattoos. It looks like a lot of them like to commemorate the games by getting the rings tattooed on them!


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