The Washington Post (July 12, 2012) is reporting that a Washington, D.C. Police officer has made a “credible” threat to shoot First Lady Michelle Obama. The threat is considered credible because this particular officer, whose identity has not yet been revealed, has served as an armed motorcycle escort for Ms. Obama on a number of occasions… 

This should be remarkable all by itself. But, given current events, where almost half of America lives in the past and harbors racial resentments, handed down through generations, hatred is a conditioned reflex. Hatred is a very powerful emotion that trumps all logic and common sense.  Hatred is a tool to command a group of people to do the bidding of political and religious leaders.  Hitler used it for years to eliminate Jews. Hatred can convince anyone that a radical or violent action is justifiable.  The KKK and racist organizations are convinced that “if…

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