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Update: More Houston janitors have walked off the job. SEIU Local 1 reports that by Friday, July 12 janitors at nine more buildings have joined the strike. Read more at http://www.seiu1.org/2012/07/12/houston-janitors-strike-continues-to-grow-2/.

Tuesday night (July 10) hundreds of Houston janitors walked off their jobs to protest employer misconduct and harassment. By Wednesday morning, the janitors and their supporters were picketing the Houston offices of some of the world’s wealthiest corporations whose buildings are cleaned by the striking janitors.

“Enough is enough ,” said Maria Lopez, one of the strikers. “I work hard every day cleaning 88 toilets across 11 floors to support my daughter. I am striking today to stand up for my right to a better life.”

Lopez works at the Greenway Plaza office complex at a building owned by Crescent/Barclays, an international real estate investment firm owned by the British banking giant Barclays.

She and her cohorts work for cleaning contractors like…

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