Kaibudo, the Kaizen Warrior Way

Nikolaï RAY

KAIZEN is a Japanese philosophy that describes the mindset of always striving to make gradual and steady progress. This is one of the reasons Japan’s economy became so strong after World War II.

Exceptional people are really modern day KAIZEN WARRIORS. Because they are consistently living in the present moment, discovering themselves in every breathing second, elevating their lives and the lives of others.

The ancient samurai warriors were well known for their practice of KAIZEN. A constant effort to improve their fighting skills and abilities, empty hand combat, weaponry, horsemanship, spirit, and any other areas that could make them more effective and increase their odds of victory in the battlefield. Any improvements, even tiny little incremental gains could save their lives in the various situations they may encounter.

KAIZEN can easily be applied in modern times especially with regards to one’s personal and professional life. By engulfing…

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