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So this past Sunday was pretty awesome, to say the least. My friends and I made our way to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour! :D It was so surreal! The first part of the tour brought us into the cinema where we were shown a video of Emma, Dan, and Rupert talking about the importance of the crew to the making of the Harry Potter movies. It was touching, to say the least. Now all this time, they have been standing in front of the doors of the Great Hall, and you think it’s just for an effect. But when they finish talking, they walk through the doors, and as the doors on the screen close, the screen itself starts to raise up and what do we see? The doors to the Great Hall! This might sound lame…

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Buddha or Jesus; Dashboard Edition

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So many moons ago, I was bored and took this photo. 



Going through older photography made me rediscover it, and all of its amazingness. Today I decided to add another religious figure to the picture.



Who is right and who is wrong, I am not sure. What I do know is that either of these figurines look great on a car dashboard, or as subjects for Instagram.



Happy Thursday World!

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Babies Healthier When There’s a Dog at Home!


I love this article which I read at

Babies are healthier when there is a dog at home.

Why? Simple!


New research published in Pediatrics suggests that children living with a dog are significantly healthier than those living without it. The researchers followed up 397 Finnish children, asking their parents to fill in weekly questionnaires about their health until they were 1 year old. Scientists believe that this is so because dog contact helps the babies build up their immune system.

The results showed that children with a dog at home were healthy for about 73% of the time, while the percentage on children without a dog was of 65%. According to the study, the former ‘had fewer respiratory tract symptoms or infections’, as well as ‘less frequent otitis and tended to need fewer courses of antibiotics’ than those without dog contacts, according to Eija Bergroth, the study’s lead…

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The Five Stages of Coping With a Negative Dark Knight Rises Review

With opening night for The Dark Knight Rises just days away, reviews have started appearing. They’ve been overwhelmingly positive. However, a few reviews have dared to suggest that it’s average or even bad. Can you imagine the gall of these critics to do what they’re paid to do- give an opinion about a movie? How dare they, and such. And judging from some of the comment sections of these reviews, there are clearly some people who don’t understand how to cope with a negative review. Death threats to the critic are not the best coping method. No, seriously- click on that link. People actually threatened death because of a negative review of a movie about a guy dressed up as a giant bat. Fortunately, I’ve come up with this handy chart to help you should you encounter one of these nefarious critics who dare to say a movie is…

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“Tattoo Nation” to hit theaters this October

On Thursday, October 11th the premiere for Tattoo Nation, the first feature length documentary about the revolutionary style of Black and Grey tattoo art, will be held at the ArcLight Theater in Hollywood.  The film traces the origins of tattoo and its explosion into mainstream culture.

The following week on Thursday, October 18th the film will be released nationwide and shown at special theatrical screening events in over sixty cities.  Tattoo Nation holds its international premiere on September 29th in London, England during the world’s largest tattoo convention.

Incredibly 40% of U.S. adults under 40 years old have at least one tattoo and it’s estimated that the total number of Americans who have one or more tattoos is 45 million.  Tattoo Nation examines the concerns of tattoo expression and acceptance.  Tattoos are a topic that provokes intense controversy and debate – and it’s an issue that…

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The Washington Post (July 12, 2012) is reporting that a Washington, D.C. Police officer has made a “credible” threat to shoot First Lady Michelle Obama. The threat is considered credible because this particular officer, whose identity has not yet been revealed, has served as an armed motorcycle escort for Ms. Obama on a number of occasions… 

This should be remarkable all by itself. But, given current events, where almost half of America lives in the past and harbors racial resentments, handed down through generations, hatred is a conditioned reflex. Hatred is a very powerful emotion that trumps all logic and common sense.  Hatred is a tool to command a group of people to do the bidding of political and religious leaders.  Hitler used it for years to eliminate Jews. Hatred can convince anyone that a radical or violent action is justifiable.  The KKK and racist organizations are convinced that “if…

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Left Labor Reporter

Update: More Houston janitors have walked off the job. SEIU Local 1 reports that by Friday, July 12 janitors at nine more buildings have joined the strike. Read more at

Tuesday night (July 10) hundreds of Houston janitors walked off their jobs to protest employer misconduct and harassment. By Wednesday morning, the janitors and their supporters were picketing the Houston offices of some of the world’s wealthiest corporations whose buildings are cleaned by the striking janitors.

“Enough is enough ,” said Maria Lopez, one of the strikers. “I work hard every day cleaning 88 toilets across 11 floors to support my daughter. I am striking today to stand up for my right to a better life.”

Lopez works at the Greenway Plaza office complex at a building owned by Crescent/Barclays, an international real estate investment firm owned by the British banking giant Barclays.

She and her cohorts work for cleaning contractors like…

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