How To Stop Your Child From Being Murdered By Me

Sweet Mother

A lot of people have a fear of public speaking, I do not.  A lot of people need to be liked by everyone, I do not.  That need to be liked stopped when I read an article about how you could be immensely powerful within a company WITHOUT everyone liking you.  In fact, there was some kind of tier system.  On that tier system were the A, B, C, and D people.  It didn’t matter, at all, if the C and Ds didn’t like you.  You needed most of the As to and a few of the Bs.  That was the secret to success.  Unfortunately, most people don’t wear their corresponding letter on the outside of their shirts.  So, I often manage to chat up a D while the A sneaks off with my writing partner to give them a development deal.  Thus, has gone my life.  But, I am…

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