The Rebel Rouser

When I first started buying pomades, I was told that this stuff, for a lack of better words, sucked. So, I’ve held off buying it for the longest time. I’ve considered it several times just for the sake of reviewing it, but, never did. But, I caved in and bought it. I know it’s a classic in the Hispanic community. But I mean, it’s not like there’s a lot of Hispanics into rockabilly! (Obviously I’m kidding.) So, let’s see how this stuff fares for my thick and wavy hair!

In its iconic plastic container with a green lid and red label, it’s easy to spot this stuff on the shelves of any store. Around my area, this stuff was rather expensive. I’m talking $6.00 expensive. Why it’s so much? I have no damn clue. So when I found it for $3.00, it was an obvious buy.

Opening it up, you get that…

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