Not about Yakuzas. But the copy of the book I had that cover. I like the reveiw, it was good. I remember reading this book while in the back of the church and my asshole teacher yelling at me..

Laurie Kendrick

I watched the movie, “The Outsiders” a few days ago, from the comfort of my uncomfortable old couch.   I saw the movie when it premiered back in the day…when I had a metabolism and far less chin hair.

I really didn’t like the movie then.  I still don’t like it lo these decades later.   I didn’t even care for the book which was assigned reading my Sophomore year in High School.   I remember reading SE Hinton’s name on the paperback’s spine.


I had no idea who SE Hinton was, whether this  was a person with a nether region that included  either a PROtrustion or INtrusion, but whatever the sex was, I thought he or she had a weak grasp of how a 60’s era Greaser would think, talk and act.  Not that I would know myself.   I was  six years old in 1965 when this schmalz…

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