Fukushima nuclear capitalists linked to Yakuza criminals

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This Japanese punk rock video is by Scrap, a band consisting of people who lost all through the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The song is in Japanese, except the English language chorus, which is not very complimentary for the TEPCO nuclear corporation, the bosses of Fukushima. There are English subtitles with the video.

From the Atlantic Wire in the USA:

How the Yakuza and Japan’s Nuclear Industry Learned to Love Each Other

Jake Adelstein

May 24, 2012

After the arrest of a yakuza boss for his alleged role in supplying workers to TEPCO’s Fukushima Daichi Nuclear Plant, we are learning the details of how Japan’s nuclear industry relied on organized crime. Since July of last year, a few months after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami resulted in a triple meltdown at the Fukushima plant, investigators have been probing possible yakuza links to TEPCO and the

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