Social Distortion interview at The Fox

Just found this recent  interview where Mike Ness and Jonny Wickersham of Social Distortion talked to Neil Morrison at The Fox studios. Mike talks about punk music, the relentless Social D tour schedule, an upcoming autobiography, how’s he changed and matured over the years and more.

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Flyers Past.

There's Life Outside Your Apartment

Welly welly well..As I couldn’t leave the flat on Sunday as I was waiting for the Gasman to bring, but finally not install a new oven, I decided to upload a bunch of photographs old old flyers from the 87-90 era. Most of these were from an old girlfriend from the U.S., Reno in fact. There was a sheer rush of nostalgia on re-viewing these flyers, some of which I first saw on her bedroom wall the night she first took we from a Chariot gig to her home. Nostalgia indeed, as very sadly, in ’94 she took her own life, ending it all with a hollow-bullet to the head. A release in a way, for a amazing, vibrant and very beautiful woman who had been very, very sad for years. Sigh. Enough reflection. Punk & Metal flyers, as I said. The English ones are gigs I 90% attended. I…

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the dream being

I don’t know about ya’ll but  I have been following the journey of the 340-ton granite boulder, known as Levitated Mass, since LACMA’s twitterfeed , blog blasts and Facebook posts sparked nation wide attention back in March. That’s when the rock traveled 105 miles, over a span of 11 nights (never going faster than 5mph) to arrive to LACMA’s grounds where it would become suspended  over a 456-foot long concrete channel. (As it traveled from city to city, crowds would gather to catch a glimpse and in one town, thousands of people even gathered for a street party around it.)  Michael Hezier, the artist and visionary behind Levitated Mass worked on  bringing this massive rock from a quarry in Riverside all the way to Los Angeles for nearly 40 years and the artwork cost a staggering $10 million. It finally opened to the public last weekend to a welcoming crowd, and is…

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Two hilarious ‘The Campaign’ character posters


Here are some posters of Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis from this summer’s The Campaign. Will Ferrell is usually good for one laugh out loud comedy a year. With the combination of Ferrell, Galifianakis, Jason Sudeikis, and Dan Aykroyd, this just might be it. The Campaign hits theaters August 10th, 2012.

Plot:  Two rival North Carolina politicians compete for the love of the nation and of course… the presidency.

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Piaggio X10 125

Scooting and Riding

A nova 2012 Piaggio X10 125 é uma das mais modernas scooters do mercado, com um design atraente e inovador, muito aerodinâmica visto que foi desenvolvida em túnel de vento, de modo a otimizar todas as linhas e a torná-la mais eficaz no modo de ataque ao trânsito intenso.

Tendo um design que lhe consegue aumentar a dinâmica do movimento, podemos compará-la a uma moto desportiva, estando mais próximo deste tipo de veículos do que propriamente da categoria das scooters.

Talvez devido a esse facto, a 2012 Piaggio X10 125 foi inserida na categoria Gran Turismo da marca Piaggio.

Analisando a nova 2012 Piaggio X10 125, podemos dizer que é um catálogo completo de tecnologia e eletrónica. Esta vertente tecnológica pode ser verificada através da lista de acessórios que tem incorporados, tais como, ajuste elétrico da suspensão traseira, duplo ABS, travão de estacionamento, computador de bordo com monitor LCD entre…

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This quick short is an interesting take on getting tattooed. We have to say we love the slow motion and HD quality. Very interesting!

As the client said: “I wanted to get a tattoo for my son Ollie. I love this stage in his life where he can lose himself in his imagination while playing on his train table. So I got an old steamy on my arm with his name on it. While I was getting tattooed a couple of my friends helped me shoot this video to commemorate the event. Out of my curiosity for how ink disperses through the skin and love of shooting video “Go Play Trains” is born.”


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