Painted Tiger 1


I’ve been thinking a lot about my tattoos as I approach my first session of my back piece, what my tattoos have meant to me at the time I got them, and what they mean now. Also I will provide some background, where they were done, year…So Here I go…

When I got my first tattoo I was soldier stationed at Ft. Gordon Georgia, home of the Signal Corps hooah!  I was twenty-one with my son Brock at home 5 months old.  I missed him terribly, I barely got a chance to know him before I shipped out.  I was twenty-one married, no prospects, I actually was working at the Thermal lamenting Plant making thermal lamenators, they laminate ID’s.  I was miserable, I felt hopeless.  I though joining the army was a shot, for me to a better place for my family, for myself, selfishly.   At the time I got the tattoo, I had survived basic training, now I had freedom, in the less restrictive signal school.

The year was 1991, last century.  The shop was one of those shops that preyed on soldiers, The work was not bad.  I have been fortunate, my artist have all been good, not necessarily cheap, but good.  I loved getting the piece, I felt different from people who were with out ink.  That separateness, is a feeling I have had my whole life.  Now with the first tattoo, that was before tattoo shows, mall tats, tattoo parties, it was still kind of rare. I don’t very well remember the artist’s name, but I do remember that he was an old Georgia Biker.  Funny thing I had him redo the color because it wasn’t as brite when it healed.  Haaa haaa how little I knew.  I have never went back to have work redone, I’ve been lucky.

Meaning? It was in honor of my son, who was so far away, and I missed every second of every minute of every hour of every day I was away from him.  His mother Katrina is represented by the American flag, probably could have been a German flag for accuracy.  And the Cuban flag to represent my Cuban heritage.  It has held up rather well.  It is one of my most meaningful tattoos, it is a way I can always have my Son Brock with me…


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