The Rebel Rouser

It’s been 3 days since I’ve started messing around with Layrite. And so far, it has lived up to it’s title. But there are some little details, no other review has noted. Nothing bad, but something that I feel should be pointed out, so those who decide to try this out, don’t get spooked.

I noted in my previous post, that this stuff hardens. But today, I happened to reveal a bit more about it. As most do, or should do, is wet comb your hair to style it. It just helps everything style the way you want it to. Well, by doing so with Layrite, the finished product is hard. And not like a slightly soft hard, but a hard hard. (Sorry, I just had to write it out like that, it sounded funny.) It actually hardens like a gel, after a good wet combing. Surprise! I didn’t expect…

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