Yakuza Weapon


Ok Folks, now I am somebody who has a farely high tolerance for comic book action in movies.  Comic book action, unrealistic action portrayed in a realistic way.  The Chow Yun Fat jumping through a window shooting two 45’s accurately, now did it look real no, but John Woo had enough respect for his audience to make every attempt to make the unreal seem stylish.  I guess that the point comic book action is unrealistic action portrayed stylishly.  This movie was so bad, I couldn’t make it past the first 5 minutes.   The part I saw was this cheesy looking dude in a fedora with a bandana wrapped around it( that screams douche ).  Takes on a bunch of fake ass looking soldiers, in stupid action.  I really could take it I stopped the movie.  This movie is part of that horrible genre of modern asian films where the protagonist get weapons put on to their bodies.   It isn’t done well, it looks fake as hell.  A better example would be Robert Rodriguez work, see his grind house contribution.   This movie was really bad please avoid it…




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